How to pick the right gym for you

In order to find the best gym for you, you’ll need to identify a few important factors that will affect your workout quality.

First off, how much time do you want to devote to working out each week? If you are planning to only hit the gym once a month, don’t bother investing in an incredibly expensive, year-long membership. You can find a four week membership in Willow Glen just to give yourself a taste and see if you are ready to really commit to a gym long-term. If you think you are ready for a long-term commitment, you’re ready for step number two.

Location is key. No matter how serious you are about working out, you need to find a place that is close to your regular traffic pattern. Scratch that. Especially, if you are serious about working out, you need to find a place that is as close to possible as in your regular path. Why is this so important? Every extra step you need to go out of your way to work out is a little bit less effort you have to spend working toward your fitness goal. For those that aren’t super serious, it can even be a detractor toward working out, and gym attendance begins to decline. For those that are serious about working out and busy outside of the gym as well, increased travel time will get you down eventually. Keeping up your morale is important, so pick a place that works for you.

You need to find a place that has equipment that suits your needs. Take some time to identify your fitness goals and you will easily determine the equipment that you need. If you want to bulk up, look a solid range of free weights and some great lifting equipment. If your aim is overall toning, you might want to look into a gym that offers crossfit classes or other opportunities for all-around workouts. If endurance is your thing, consider finding a spot with a pool. Especially important if you are rehabilitating an injury, make sure to do your homework and find the place that is right for you.

Now that you have thought about your time commitment, where you want to work out, and what you want to work out, you are ready to find the right gym for you. Use your criteria to select the spot that makes sense for you.